Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A Note To Me In 2020

Today it is 2019 - for a few hours longer...

Tomorrow will be 2020. 

Though my annual “Note To Self” has not posted in a few years, it seems fitting to put fingers to keyboard for the last year in the decade and some inspirational something or other, so here’s my toast I wrote for the New Year, you can use it when amongst friends - and if I stole it from some other saying, well, I am going to just blame it on the Ah-ah-ah-a-ah-a-lco-hol…

“ Though I may not have riches, I am surrounded in wealth - and though my life my run on wishes, I still have my health. “ - by Adra Janean Fenstermaker

I am thankful :) 

Please enjoy this short film. 

Sitting in the warm California sun shining through the window in the early morning, I am staring out the window watching the palm branches sway, as I look through them into the houses of the Hollywood hills across the way - spa music is climaxing and the sounds of planes coming and going to different places cuts through the air - and the last beat of the symphony climbs then fades away - and I feel the sun hit my face piercing the windows so intense that I close my eyes and do not turn away - the rays soaking through my eyelids and I realize, today is a whole new day.