Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Help Me Win The Monologue Contest!!!!!!
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Long Story Short:

With YOUR help I may just have a chance to win and be seen by Casting Director to "Robin Hood Men In Tights" and many other fabulous films you will know (see her IMDb HERE).
It all started when a tweet I posted about my IMDb drastically dropping in one week... a TentSquare writer, Mr. D. R. Acula, sent me his monologue to perform for the #holidayjournalentry challenge.

Now, one may not take on a SANTA character when not of the MALE persuasion... But, it's a CHALLANGE and I am an actor! With less than one hour until leaving to be on set for a feature film (as an extra, life is not glam ALL the time) I grabbed my tripod and set to work.

Wait. What's an IMDb you ask? CLICK HERE to find out! 

Short Story Short:

Please CLICK HERE or on the picture below to view my submission. Just ONE click on the video to watch is all you need to do to help me win $200 and have my video monologue screened in NEW YORK CITY!

Voting starts  December 13th and each member of TentSquare can vote ONCE every 24 hours... So, ya know, if you love me (or just have nothing else to do) help a girl out, I would really L. O. V. E. to meet Casting director Lindsay Chag! 

Here's What People Are Saying:
  • "You were so great in that performance. I was really really impressed, you went above and beyond and had tons of energy and ingenuity . "
  • "Female Santa for the win! 's is the perfect vid to ease n2 the holiday season"
  • " has skills! Watch this stellar rendition"
  • "Loved your Dear Santa performance. I hope you're considering my Holiday Shopping monologue as well"
  • "I would be honored if you performed one of my monologues :)"
  • "Adra's performance was awesome!!! Watch her magic & talent at work as she made this her own, and ROCKED IT! Vote for her! Thank you Adra!"
  • "Adra you rocked it! your style is a lot like ours, putting everything into it & making it your own! surpassed expectations. thank you. :)
  • "check out 's kickass reading of my hubby 's monologue for a competition!"
  • "When my talented husband D. R. Acula wrote his monologue entry for the new Tentsquare contest#HolidayJournalEntry, I loved the cool and hilarious twist he put on it, but we weren't quite sure how actors would portray it or if they would get the message we were trying to convey with it. But then, a light broke through the clouds of uncertainty. That light's name is Adra Janean"... (see MORE...)
  • "Great job on the video! You rocked it! :)"

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