Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adra on lacation at a million dollar house listed with Deb Howard and Co


Location vacation to the $1.6 million Mackey house on middle Kingsbury with Natalie Yanish and Ellen Camacho of Deb Howard realtors giving us an update on the Lake Tahoe real estate market and a tour of this fabulous home  (see for more info) plus Adra desperately seeking Phish fans and the latest news from Lake Tahoe. Special thanks to Jack Durst from for filming and editing.

Monday, July 29, 2013

"Russell Brand raises from the dead after dyeing in snow boarding accident and comes back to life at Montbleu”

“…And now, some of the news…This just in... Russell Brand raises from the dead after dying in snowboard accident, comes back to life on Montbleu's Showroom Stage in South Lake Tahoe”
by Adra Janean Fenstermaker

The actor and novice snowboarder, Russell Brand, appeared in front of a sold out showroom at the Montbleu Resort Casino and Spa in South Lake Tahoe dressed in a white jacket, black pants, and brown leather boots. His 80’s glam rocker scarf hanging round his neck, framing multiple cross necklaces and a long strand of brown beads. Although unsure if Brand was wearing cologne that evening, the room smelled of cougars in heat and men looking to take advantage of their gawking partners after Brand was done fluffing them with his thrusting hips and sexual powers.
Brand welcomed his audience with a greeting “Good evening, can’t fucking breath properly” in which his female guest in the front row offered him a glass of white wine to help with the altitude – to which Brand, eyeing the glass and sniffing the rim reminds his alcohol pushers that he has a teeny weenie little bit of an alcohol and drug problem – and perhaps gargling a strangers glass may not be one of the wisest choices, then he looks to the glass and speaks to it lovingly, “Aw, I remember you – should I drink you? ” when the glass doesn’t respond he hands it back and moves on to two large breasted blond sisters dressed in low cut little black dresses. “Been here 5 minutes and already been offered booze and incest” he says as he rubs the girls hands on his white jacket and sings the words “Lake Tahoe” to the tune of Woody the Woodpecker. 

The banter quickly turns to customs and entering countries through airport security, the crowd erupts in laughter as they hang on Brands tale of fruit smuggling and how he will probably be sent to jail for bringing a banana into the country. Returning to the sisters, Brand inquires as to if they’ve had sex with the same man before and pokes fun when one immediately says “NO” and the other says, “Don’t answer that” but they both agree that they would consider it with him. Brand, being quick on his feet comes back with a most fabulous retort “While a tourist in Lake Tahoe, I am not a tourist in erotica”. 

Brand’s associations are well thought out comically as he portrays the Dahlia Lama as being a cross between Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid and Yoda put together. When contemplating whether he would be a good monk, Brand was told he wouldn’t be a good candidate – mainly for two reasons, the first being celibacy, the second being fidelity. 

The house lights raise and Brand searches for a victim starting by walking out onto a VIP table then jumping down to the floor. Cameras, iPhones and video cameras surround Brand as his microphone line is passed overhead by all of the members of the audience until a stagehand appears to assist. Mass amounts of tits busting out of small outfits commanding attention rush the railing to ooze sex and send subliminal “Pick Me Russell” thoughts directly into his subconscious. It is at this very moment that you realize what it is like to be a celebrity, but not any celebrity, a celebrity with sex symbol status as high and breathless as the altitude in Tahoe. 

After removing his jacket, Brand moves onto more personal topics that hint towards his lust for sexual activities such as “blow job carousel” and makes light of the fact that if Kim Khardashian were in the back alley right now, he too would be in the alley with her and the stage would be empty. The showroom finds the Kim Khardashian statement hilarious and you can almost see the men nodding in agreement in their minds, so as not to let their significant others know that they too, would do Kim Khardashian in an alley, or anywhere for that matter. 

It is a known fact that Brand is not the fondest of media, yet he understands the necessity that media is married to celebrity and that without one, you can’t have the other. Sitting in the front row with my notebook and pencil, Brand took many puzzled looks at me as I scribbled my chicken scratch trying not to miss anything important. As he looked towards me, he told the story of a Rolling Stone Magazine interview he had done that didn’t quite go as planned. Being spontaneous and improvisational by nature and a comic by trade, sometimes the infliction of voice doesn’t transcend into written word as well as intended. In his interview, the story goes that he was asked by the reporter “What advice do you have for young pop stars” to the question he responded, “Take heroin, cause all the best rock stars have done that – also, heroin is a very powerful drug – so it will weed out the week pop stars”. His play on Darwinism is funny, but not as funny as when the Daily Mail reported; “Russell Brand says Beiber should take heroin”. 

Brand titled his show “Messiah Complex” highlighting four iconic individuals; Gandhi, Malcolm X, Che Chevara and Jesus Christ, picking these men because they are hero’s who have made mistakes in which Brand says that he is similar in a way with each of them. Gandhi did not let his wife take Western Medicine when she fell ill, so she dies. Gandhi then contracted the same disease, took the medicine and lived. Without people to support Gandhi, he would just be a wife killer in a sheet. Brand is like Gandhi because he will always put himself first. Malcolm X was a pimp and drug dealer who without the freeing of slaves, industry and blacks to support his cause, Malcolm is just another man who once poured talcum powder on a mans penis until he came…Brand is like Malcolm, because he once jerked off a man in a bathroom for a documentary that was being filmed. Che Chevara, know for his direct action against a repressive force has a criminal record for indecent exposure, Brand once was arrested for trying to make his wang bigger in a sex riot. Without them being backed by millions of people, Chevara is no more than a good looking guy with a smelly dick. Jesus. Brand talks about Jesus and the bible, stating that it doesn’t say, “Don’t be gay” in the bible, but it does say “don’t go over to your neighbors and take their ox”. It’s not okay to take the ox, but it’s okay to “fuck a man in the ass, cum inside him, suck the cum out, and then kiss him on the mouth with cum bubbles” (to a roar of laughter in the crowd). Greatness is a product of time backed by millions of people. Brand says he is most like Jesus because Jesus is a temporary symbol – an orgasm of oneness. 

Watch the show Adra Produces, Wake Up Tahoe
Adra talks all about how exciting Russell Brand was at Montbleu in South Lake Tahoe

Montbleu Casino, BoogieNights, Boy George

Boy George, Sugar & Spikes, at Boogie Nights 
Saturday July 27, 2013 in South Lake Tahoe
Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa


Saturday, July 27, 2013

DJ James Egbert at MASSV Music Festival July 5, 2013 Filmed & Edited by Adra Fenstermaker for Sibbz Industries

James Egbert

Filmed & Edited by Adra Fenstermaker For Sibbz Industries at MASSV Music Festival 2013


Text provided from Facebook... click HERE to go directly there.

"Bridging the gap between heavy bass-driven bangers and sophisticated musicality, James Egbert is leading the evolution of electronic music with a fully charged vision and purpose. Inspired by an endless passion for his fans, he sets the bar higher with each song and performance, committed to deliver only the very best of both.

The Colorado-based producer and DJ started off a breakthrough year in 2012 by topping the Beatport Electro House, Dubstep and Progressive House charts with his self-released EP, “In The Beginning”. After earning a slot on North America’s largest dance music festival, Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, he continued to bring his explosive live show to fans in every corner of the US, making a stop in Tokyo along the way for his Japanese debut. Armed with remixes for, Busta Rhymes, Far East Movement, Eva Simons and even Earth, Wind & Fire, James finished off the year by flooding people’s playlists with his energized versions of current hits and timeless classics.

2013 kicked off with the release of his original track “Chopper” on Burn The Fire Records which explored new realms of sound design and tempo changes, forever breaking the accepted formula of electro house music. Pushing the envelope even further, James enlisted the help of rising dubstep star Schoolboy to create "The Silver Lining", a 3-song EP collaboration that tells the story of mankind’s attempt to save the world from galactic destruction. Assuming we survive, expect a brand new album of James Egbert originals just in time for the summer."

Monday, July 22, 2013

Redskins QB Mark Rypien and Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers interviewed at Celebrity Golf

Just another day in paradise ... 

Dreu and Adra are back from the American Century Celebrity Golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe and they have a lot to talk about.  
Dreu and Adra talk about the  events from this weekend including Bass Camp 2013 at the Montbleu Resort and interviews featuring NFL quarterbacks Mark Rypien of the Redskins and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. 

Watch Adra's video for ADVENTURE CLUB at Bass Camp HERE

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lauren Lindley Photography, South Lake Tahoe, California

It's not always that I dress like a pirate (on roller skates) BUT WHEN I DO... Lauren Lindley Photography is usually around to capture the moment...

Quoted as being the "Best Photo Bomb EVER!"
German Sparkle Party 2013

Rachel Lomeli Photography, South Lake Tahoe, California

On my journey to find my inner characters, I had the pleasure of working with the very talented children and wedding photographer Rachel Lomeli. Her ability to bring out my inner sparkle showed through in all the pictures she took. Rachel's ability to airbrush my backside is an art in of itself; I only wish I could be in front of her lens more often..

Ms. Fenstermaker's autographs sent via mail is controlled by lottery system. Only a select few requests receive autographs. 

Ms. Fenstermaker's autographs sent via mail is controlled by lottery system. 
Only a select few requests receive autographs. 

Blue Planet Photography, Boise, Idaho

Mike Shipman of Blue Planet Photography is always studying the art of his craft and working to advance his creations through not only art but the science. Working with Mike is great because he is using me as a subject to learn how to perfect a new craft, style or tool.  

Bespoke Photography - SIBBZ Industries

Promo Model for Sibbz Industries 2010 - Present

Photo Credit Ariana Zick Oleary, Bespoke Photography,  for SIBBZ Industries 

Quote from photographer Ariana -  

"Our Sibbz Lady, Adra, is extremely photogenic, and gorgeous. She can pose herself and take direction so well.  Its a shame she is out of state."


JJB Longboards - 2009

Promotional Model for JJB Longboards 2009-2010 

 Photo Credit Ariana O'Leary, BeSpoke Photography

Monday, July 15, 2013

David Seelig Photography - Adra as Cowgirl July 5th onstage at MASSV 2013

MASSV 2013

In the Spring of 2013, I went to Boise, Idaho to work on a short movie project for a music festival. I created the character "Roller Girl Sally" while filming, but it was my character "Cowgirl" who took center stage at MASSV Music Festival Friday July 5th, 2013 chasing aliens and dancing for the crowd. I was fortunate to have a fan in one of the photographers, Mr. David Seelig, who provided me with a disk of the images he took of me that night. 

Quote from the photographer, David Seelig -  

"You are one of those rare people that have a glow to them from the time I saw you I could not take my eyes away from you. You have so much spirit and life to you. Sometimes as a photographer I fall in love with shooting someone. Sometimes I just think I am seeing the life in them and it is just to beautiful for words. That is what I thought when I saw you" BECOME A PATRON!

Ms. Fenstermaker's
 autographs sent 
via mail is controlled by lottery system. 
Only a select few requests receive autographs. 

Ms. Fenstermaker's autographs sent via mail is controlled by lottery system. 
Only a select few requests receive autographs. 

About David Seelig

David has had a wide and varied life as a photographer. He has made a good mark in the worlds of Sports and Rock and Roll photography, Photo Journalism and Fine Art photography. He has been published in countless publications including Life, Time, Newsweek, ESPN -the Magazine, Sports Illustrated and Rolling Stone. He has contributed to many books. He is the staff photographer for The Idaho Center, a 13,000 seat arena in Nampa, Idaho.  He also works for Donruss/Playoff Card Company for whom he has covered Major League baseball and NFL football. his sports stock by The recently completed Kodak Rock Shutter 500 greatest Rock and Roll Photos featured five of Davids photos. David has been written about by Rick Sammon, featured at Double Exposure magazine has also been written about at The Online Photographer, David was also honored at the French Institute for his photo essay on Hollywood Boulevard at the Calton Brut photojournalism awards in 1993.
David can light an arena. He uses Canon EOS cameras and has lenses from 16 mm to 400 mm. He also has a full Leica M9 system.

Interested in having Adra Janean in your next project? 

Ms. Fenstermaker's autographs sent via mail is controlled by lottery system. 
Only a select few requests receive autographs.