Friday, November 22, 2019


Slay slay slay lady MUA! 

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Met her on a Saturday on set for Enipheres, worked with her again on Sunday, then sat for her as a model on Monday...that's pretty much how it went! 

This girl hustles and does some great work
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Will be posting a video post to PATREON.COM soon for all tiers with BTS of some MONDAY videos, so be on the look out for that - will post the link HERE when it's up for Patrons!!! BECOME A PATRON! 


POST OF PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS should be avialable in the future - will let you know HERE if/when they are available for public viewing! Oh, the anticipation!!! Can't wait to see them! 

SLOW ROLL CONTINUES at PATREON! See full blog post HERE...
There has been a slow and quiet launch of the new Patreon Site where fans can subscribe to receive special content, videos, giveaways, interactive communications with Adra and other fans, previews, tips, tricks, daily happenings, Different Adventures BEFORE they post (next up, Adra heads back to RENO, NV for a fun weekend away from Los Angeles). If you where a fan of Wake Up Tahoe, this page will help satiate what you have been missing - that which is Adra in her quirkiness. her Rollerskates, her wigs and hula hoops...for as little as $1, you can help keep this slow roll happening! Your support is a support for the ARTS!

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