Sunday, October 27, 2013

Take A Bath Internet Auto Reno - Commercial

Produced by: The Zap Lab, Reno, NV
With: Adra Janean Fentermaker and Dreu Murin
Shown: 3200 times daily in Reno. Tahoe. Carson and surrounding areas
Date: 2013

Different Adventures at the Great Reno Balloon Race

Looking for something to do that involves the whole family from young to old while making memories that last a lifetime? Check out the annual Great Reno Balloon Race in Reno, Nevada. You will need to get up super early to make it to the glowing balloons of "Dawn Patrol" so grab those sleeping babies, your warm fuzzy blankets and a thermos of hot delicious beverages, cause Different Adventures is going ballooning and we're taking you with us!

...Prepare to get up early, grab some coffee and Doughboy Donuts as you head ballooning with host Adra Fenstermaker at the annual Great Reno Balloon Races, the "World's Largest FREE Hot-Air Ballooning Event"...

Music by - Hagen Fenstermaker
Filmed and Edited by - Adra Fenstermaker
Assistant Camera Operator- Bunny Darko

Check out to find out more about the World's Largest FREE Hot-Air Ballooning Event, travel info, and how to get involved 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Different Adventures in Virginia City, Nevada with Zombies and the haunted Washoe Club

Virginia City, NV

On October 12, 2013, Different Adventures went to Virginia City, Nevada in pursuit of Zombies - little did they know that show host, Adra Fenstermaker would have a ghostly encounter with a women laughing in her ear at the Washoe Club.

Music: Hagen Fenstermaker
Filmed & Edited: Adra Fenstermaker
Assistant Camera Operator: Karen McFadden

I decided to visit historical mining town, Virginia City, Nevada after wanting to for many years. After parking my car on the street, I was amazed at just how beautiful the views overlooking the famous MacKay (Mack - EEE) Mansion Museum were…breathtaking and magical. I could have stayed forever just looking out over the vista.

It was a Saturday in the fall as I walked down the street into Virginia City. Families were walking in and out of shops, buying silver, purchasing ten-gallon hats and selecting yummy novelty candies to take home.

But. Shopping and sight seeing are not all that there is to do in Virginia City. The once thriving town of millionaire miners is now bustling with tourists who enjoy the shops, stories, cowboys, and of course, the zombies.

Home of the annual “Red Run” the streets were full of zombies trying to capture the flags of runners as they sprinted through town and pulled body bags up hills to complete the six mile obstacle course.

After getting my fill of the living dead, I wandered into the Washoe Club to order my regular cowboy bar drink (beer and shot of whiskey) not knowing that I was entering the land of the non-living.

Known for their fairly priced drinks, the Blue Lady is a favorite.
The bar was rather quite, until the back room door opened, and out came a large tour of Ghost Hunters, excited and showing pictures of full body apparitions that they had taken with their cameras. I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into – but thanks to my new found friends Karen and John McFadden, I was about to find out…

Peeking in from the outside of the 2nd story
These rooms are known for "orb" activities

As I sat at the bar listening to the patrons, a women, taller than me started to laugh in my ear – as I turned to see who was behind me, there was no one there. After this ghostly happening, I became intrigued with what else could be going on in this saloon.

John offered to take me back to the crypt and have some drinks with he and his wife Karen, which I gladly accepted. First, Karen and I went to the ladies room where she told me her personal paranormal story.

It appears my pictures are orb free
As we entered the crypt John talked about the cool room with the extremely high ceilings and how during the winter months, dead bodies were stacked and stored there, waiting to be buried when the ground thawed in Spring. We sat and laughed and talked – nothing seemed odd, it was actually a very peaceful experience. Looking online I find that I am pretty much alone in my feelings of peace.  If I was locked inside at nighttime, I bet I would have had a very, very, different adventure.

All in all, I can’t believe that it took me so long to visit this amazing part of the country and I can not wait to be able to visit again. Who knows, maybe next time I might just book a reservation for an overnight in the crypt! 

Stay tuned - next adventure, is the Great Reno Balloon Race!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Behind the scenes of Internet Auto Sales Commercial shoot

"I've never had a brand new car before"
 Full Commercial currently in production and coming soon. 


Zap Lab Production House with a behind the scenes look at the new ad campaign for Internet Auto Rent and Sale

From Wake Up Tahoe to Different Adventures

Blog from The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority...

Start each day off fresh and fun with Wake Up Tahoe Posted in Local Culture | May 23, 2013 | By Tahoe South

Wake Up Tahoe was conceived to share the locals’ love of Lake Tahoe’s beautiful South Shore. Hosted by one of our local favorite radio, television, and event hosts, Dreu Murin, Wake Up Tahoe is filmed in front of a live audience weekdays from MontBleu Resort Casino and Spa’s Wedding Chapel, overlooking Edgewood Golf Course (home of the American Century Championship). Beyond the scenery, the show features different themes each day, including Cooking Wednesdays and Mystical Mondays. Don’t be surprised to see Dreu and his guests in costume on occasion (ok, regularly).

As the backbone of the show, Adra Fenstermaker is the producer, writer, reporter, and social media queen. Murin graciously acknowledges that, “without her, the show would have never happened.. see full blog post HERE... 

Keep up to date with Adra as she travels the country on her Different Adventures - currently in production.

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