Thursday, April 30, 2020

2020 is going a little differently for me than I had planned...

I am probably not the only person who's first few months into the year didn't go as planned though, so I am not going to stress too much. Deep breath. I am thankful I was able to get in both my Solo Art Show in February as well as the collaborative Art Show before things really started going downhill for our social interactions. That being said! After much reflection, I am keeping with the theme of 2020 I set for myself - which is POSSIBILITIES & ACCOUNTABILITY! 

I have no one else to blame for my lack of successes - I am ACCOUNTABLE for my ACCOMPLISHMENTS and ACHIEVEMENTS as well as my FAILURES.

This year, I am getting more specific in what I want and where I want to go - and what I want to be doing while I am going "there". 

You and I can go TOGETHER! 

This is the year, that I am taking my MUTTPUPPY PRODUCTIONS up a notch - I am going to sit down with each part of my production and really see where it leads. I have been working on a non-profit lately to fill my day, donating my time and skills, and in that, I am realizing that I really miss having a platform to create content on, do standup interviews on camera as well as in print, I like having places to connect people, things to create. 

I do still update the WAKE UP TAHOE Twitter and some of their other accounts of course, that hasn't changed - I take care of lots of other content, building things, etc, as well as places like here at this blog! 

Here are some of the places I will be refocusing my 2020 efforts: 

DIFFERENT ADVENTURES - Idaho + other locations - following COVID restrictions
BODY BY ADRA - Reconnect business to new local
GINGER GIRLS - Flip Series to Indie
ADRA JANEAN - re-branding
FEATURE FILM - Script to Distribution
AJFEN - Visual Art and merch line
NON-PROFIT - Media and PR Production, Video Content/Interviews

This will cover creating on many different platforms. I am not going to link everything here, if something perks your interest, please use the search bar on the left, which should like to social sites, articles, videos, etc.