Tuesday, August 24, 2021

What's Up RENO???

 RENO??? FOR REAL??? What's in RENO? 

Well, a lot actually. For one, ME. Also, my husband. Yes - my HUSBAND! I got married, but that is another post, lol. 

THIS post is about what has been going on in RENO and I can say, for creative aspects on my end, I've been writing, and re-writing, outlining and making things flow, and there will be a new film going into production soon - with my name on the title page.

Writing is re-writing. Who is our HERO and what is his journey? 

I can't wait to finish this script and have it approved, then be able to share it with the world. It has a very important message....I'm so blessed with opportunities.

Looking forward to the future!!!!! Never stop creating! 


Adra Janean (Fenstermaker) Perry <-- New last name :)

Hey guys it's Adra - Thanks for stopping by! 

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There's always more to come...