Thursday, March 11, 2021

Saying I DO to....

...wearing white on your wedding day, or to not. 

Sara Beth Bridal of Boise, Idaho recently posted to Instagram a photo of a *gasp* BLACK wedding gown (see the post HERE) and they are not alone; more and more, COLOR has been finding it's way onto brides of various ages, and who are we to say what is wrong or right? 

Is keeping the pure color of white on brides a dying trend? 

As a woman who has recently become engaged to my best friend, I never put much thought into what I would wear if I ever got married (in fact, I blogged a while back about never being the bride, you can see the post HERE). The older I get, the less I personally felt that "white" was something I would choose - probably a champagne, pewter, eggshell or something off white. 

I have had friends marry in shades of blue, green and other colors - and now black is coming into fashion?

I've worn white dresses for photos as well as black; in fact, I have the below black dress stuffed in a garbage bag in storage, it's fluffy netting waiting to explode out again someday. The question, on every brides mind, is what will they wear (I know it's on mine) BUT little did I know, that once someone asks you to marry them and you say a big fat HECK YES, if you update your FaceBook relationship status to "engaged", your ENTIRE newsfeed switches to posts from companies trying to get a piece of your wedding budget pie - and dresses become something that really sits in your mind (it also eats away at all your thoughts as you google the day away looking at images of dresses online). 

Are you romantic, boho, traditional? Do you need a ball gown, a beach dress etc...and don't get me started on picking dates and locations and all that other jazz, oh my bride mind is spinning! Dress prices range from off the rack at Ross or Marshalls for a simple court house ceremony, to thousands of dollars with multiple fittings for the most extravagant of celebrations. 

What bride will I be? Time will only tell - but I do know this - I am more about the marriage then I am the wedding, and I can't wait to say I DO to the man that I love.  

xoxo - Adra Janean (last name to change soon) Fenstermaker

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